The International Bar Association (IBA) opened its North America office in Washington DC in August 2013. The mission of this office is threefold:

  • Serve and expand its membership in North America, namely international lawyers, but also law schools and law students.
  • Engage in public service, including the implementation of programmes that promote the rule of law and human rights in the developing world and North America.
  • Provide thought leadership on issues critical to the legal profession, the rule of law and human rights throughout the world.


  • Developing concept papers and grant proposals in the field of international development;
  • researching & writing remarks for conferences, some of which may be converted into academic papers for publication;
  • assisting with logistics, media solicitations, panelist selection and support for conferences and round tables;
  • organizing and contributing to IBA reports & internal research database and analyzing evolving trends in legal profession or international development;
  • assisting with expense logging and financial tracking, document creation, meeting preparation, recording of minutes, and outreach.

Skills and experience required:

  • Excellent research, writing and analysis skills;
  • strong interpersonal oral and written skills;
  • self-motivation and emotional intelligence;
  • mastery of computer/internet-based research;
  • experience organizing or contributing to workshops and/or seminars;
  • experience abroad is an advantage;
  • fluency in a foreign language is a plus.

Application Details:

Application on rolling basis.

For the application form, click here.

Applications, reference letters should be sent via e-mail to

Important Dates:

  • April 2 – June 29
  • July 2 – September 28


Phone: +1 202 827 3274

For the Official Website, click here.