The International Restorative Justice conference is organized in University of Vermont on June 28 – 30.

Conference Objective:

In collaboration with leaders from the Restorative International Learning Community who are exploring the possibility and potential of restorative communities committed to implementing a restorative approach to governance and across human services in proactive, preventative and responsive ways.

Under the umbrella of building safe, healthy and inclusive communities multiple elements will be examined including education, leadership and policy, and human resources.

Addressing the problems and challenges in any of these areas requires careful attention to the structures, systems and institutions in and through which we live, work and play. The potential of a restorative approach to any and all of these challenges will require a consideration of the difference it makes within existing systems and institutions.

This conference will be an important and timely gathering of leaders in each of these areas to share cutting edge research and work through the lens of a restorative approach.

It will address the intersection and interplay of our relationships at all these levels – interpersonal, the social in community and environmental – and the potential of a restorative approach to respond to the resulting complexity.

Registration Prices:
  • Student Discount: $260
  • Late Registration: $468
  • Late Group Registration: $4,212

164 Chelsea St, South Royalton, VT 05068, USA

Conference questions:

Please contact Stephanie Clark at

Registration Questions:

Please contact the University of Vermont, University Event Services for any registration questions or changes.
Phone: 1-802-656-5665, Ext. 2

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