Tribal Law & Government Conference

School of Law, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS is conducting the 22nd Annual Tribal Law & Government Conference titled “Tribal-State Collaborations: Advantages & Obstacles” on March 9, 2018.

Each year, KU hosts the Tribal Law & Government Conference, which devotes significant scholarly attention to the study of organic tribal law, modern tribal governments and the evolution of tribal common law.

The conference highlights how works of scholars and tribal jurists addressing the emerging and historical problems of indigenous law and governance are critical to strengthening tribal sovereignty.


Sarah Deer

Matthew L.M. Fletcher

Tonya Kowalski

Michael Petoskey

Victoria Sweet

Honorable William A. Thorne, Jr.

Judge Korey Wahwassuck

Heather White Man Runs Him


Green Hall | University of Kansas | Lawrence, KS.


For queries, please contact

Elizabeth A. Kronk Warner
Director, Tribal Law & Government Center
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor of Law

For more details about the conference and the speakers, visit the link given here