The Southwestern Institute for International and Comparative Law (SWIICL) of the Center for American and International Law (CAIL) presents the fourth Dean Robert G. Storey Rule of Law Lecture series for law students.


The Southwestern Institute for International and Comparative Law at The Center for American and International Law is a membership organization that offers continuing education programs for in-house and private practice lawyers who practice international business law.  It promotes the rule of law in the international community and, counting all of its programs, has had participants from more than 120 countries.

About the opportunity

This lecture aims to define core concepts, analyze the relation of national and international law and institutions from a rule-of-law perspective in light of these concepts, and assess the extent to which rule-of-law practices are shifting at the domestic and international levels in parallel.

Taking these into consideration, Professor Shaffer will then examine the implications of viewing the rule of law in a transnational context for conceptual theory, empirical study, and policy response.

About Professor Shaffer, the presenter

Shaffer is a globally recognized expert on law and globalization, with a specialization in international trade law. He is the President of the American Society of International Law. He has served on the Board of Editors of the American Journal of International Law, the Journal of International Economic Law, was a founding member of the AJIL Unbound Committee, is on the board of multiple other journals around the world, and is a Book Series Editor for Hart-Bloomsbury.

His recent book Emerging Powers and the World Trading System: The Past and Future of International Economic Law won the 2022 Chadwick F. Alger Prize of the International Studies Association.

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