This colloquium and community outreach is designed to bring together professionals in assignment of benefits cases, contractors, insurance companies and lawyers, to discuss the rise in AOB cases across the state of Florida.
In-depth conversations will be held on the affect these lawsuits have in our communities and court systems. This colloquium is an opportunity for professional associations to sit at the table, in a non-adversarial setting, and find workable solutions to protecting the citizens of Florida.

The colloquium will end in a public forum, where citizens may ask questions regarding AOB and how they can protect themselves and vulnerable populations, including the elderly and English as a second language speakers.


10 a.m.-1 p.m.: The professional colloquium on the impact of AOB lawsuits is designed for a range of professionals, including contractors, insurance companies, lobbyists and lawyers. Colloquium topics include the impact of AOB lawsuits on our communities and court systems and finding workable solutions to protect the vulnerable citizens of Florida during an insurance crisis.

1-2 p.m.: The public forum following the colloquium is designed to help attendees learn more about AOB and how to protect themselves and vulnerable populations such as the elderly and non-native English speakers from insurance abuse.


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