Free Press is hiring and inviting applications for a Policy Counsel Job from professionals across the country.

About Free Press

Free Press and Free Press Action work to amplify the voices of people and communities in the crucial decisions that shape our media. We believe that positive social change, racial justice and meaningful engagement in public life require equitable access to technology, diverse and independent ownership of media platforms, and journalism that holds leaders accountable and tells people what’s actually happening in their communities. We work at the intersection of media and technology to strengthen our democracy.

About Policy Counsel Job Opportunity

Free Press is looking for a policy counsel to advance our priorities with the Federal Communications Commission and Congress, including broadband access and affordability, broadcast ownership, competition and mergers, net neutrality, racial justice, media reparations, resiliency and other media and telecommunications issues.

Role and Responsibilities

  •  Develop and maintain deep knowledge around issues before the Federal Communications Commission – including broadband access and affordability, media ownership and net neutrality — along with broad knowledge of media, telecommunications, and/or technology issues, with a special focus on federal policy, statutory analysis, administrative law, and constitutional issues, including First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, civil rights law, and federalism issues
  • Draft precise and persuasive filings, including but not limited to agency comments, replies, appellate litigation pleadings, and briefs, to advance Free Press’ positions. Write articles for publication for the Free Press website and other media outlets
  • Promote Free Press’ mission and policy positions through correspondence and meetings with staff members of the FCC, Congress, the Department of Justice, and other regulatory bodies. Prepare and/or deliver testimony for legislative and regulatory proceedings, letters for the congressional record, and other policy analyses to educate Hill staff on our issues
  • Analyze existing laws, pending legislation, and regulatory proposals, preparing memos and reports on how they support or undermine Free Press policy positions.  Conduct extensive legal, factual, and economic research on media, telecommunications, and technology policies and proceedings directly related to the FCC, broadband access, media consolidation, media reparations, and other Free Press priority campaigns
  • Communicate policy positions — from highly technical to very general — to a wide range of audiences, including staff and allies, government decision-makers, the press, and the general public. Participate in press briefings and assist with press releases and other public communications 
  • Represent Free Press in networks and coalitions to advance short- and long-term campaign goals. Identify, analyze, prioritize and pursue opportunities to develop relationships with academics and leaders of key institutions and organizations
  • Clearly and consistently articulate an understanding of racial equity and structural racism and the centrality of this analysis to the policy work Free Press does and how we operate. Integrate that knowledge into work projects and interactions by addressing structural implications and disproportionate impacts of policies, activities, and decisions on race, class, gender and other group identities within the context of job responsibilities and projects 
  • Engage, through a consultative approach primarily with policy and campaign staff, to address media and technology policy interventions; contribute to formulating policy and campaign strategy. Encourage cross-team collaboration and contribute to strategic alignment through communication and engagement with internal teams

Eligibility for Policy Counsel Job

  • Juris Doctorate degree strongly preferred.
  • An advanced public policy degree paired with issue expertise and experience may also demonstrate qualifications for this position
  • Background in public policy, political science, communications, community development, and organizing, or related fields will indicate aptitude for the daily work this job requires 
  • 5 years or more of directly relevant experience in media, technology, and telecommunications policy is required
  • Strong writing and sharp editing skills are required. Must be able to present complex and technical topics to a broad audience 


Washington, DC

How To Apply?

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$90,000 – $110,000

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