The University of Memphis Law Review invites manuscripts for publication in Volume 49, Number 4 and presentation at its March 2019 Symposium, “Barriers at the Ballot Box: Protecting or Limiting the Core of the American Identity?”

Conference Objective

The Symposium will welcome a wide array of scholarship for a critical analysis of current legal issues dealing with voting rights, whether our electoral institution is working as intended, and the convergence of these issues on the individual voter and the electorate as a whole.

The right to vote for a representative government is at the core of the American identity. However, even after the passage of the Voting Rights Act and its amendments barring discriminatory practices and the enactment of provisions making it easier for individuals to exercise their right, barriers still exist at the ballot box for many. Is there a need for these barriers today or are these barriers part of modern era disenfranchisement?


Sean O’Brien
Symposium editor
Submit the abstract with the subject line “Barriers at the Ballot Box Symposium”
Submit by October 1, 2018.


University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152
Phone: 901.678.2000

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