About the symposium  

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine in its report, To Err Is Human made it clear that America faces a serious medical error problem, one that results in hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries each year. Recent evidence indicates that the volume of iatrogenic injury has not been substantially reduced.

At the same time, the number and impact of medical malpractice actions has been steadily shrinking. It seems clear that the answer to the medical error problem will not be found in traditional tort litigation. The 24th Annual Clifford Symposium is intended to explore alternative legal strategies that might encourage greater safety.

The symposium speakers will consider a range of interventions that might help to address the error problem. These will include legal steps to encourage use of artificial intelligence and big data to improve safety, alteration of policies regarding medical devices and dissemination of health-related information to consumers, more vigorous surveillance of the delivery of medical care, reduction of incentives for unnecessary treatment, encouragement of insurers’ promotion of greater safety among their medical industry clients, reform of the structure of the delivery of healthcare and a number of others.


The Clifford Symposium is free and open to the public. Because of space limitations, however, those interested in attending are encouraged to register in advance. Registrants will be given preference with regard to attendance, luncheon and distribution of materials.

Registration must be completed no later than Monday, April 16, 2018. Walk-ins are welcome, but space is not guaranteed.

Reservations are accepted by phone at (312) 362-8372 or Click here to register for the symposium.

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