Symposium on data and corruption is conducted by Columbia Law School @ New York on April 20.

Conference Objective

Red flags for corruption are often lost within the volume, complexity and fragmentation of data. What’s more, resource constraints, outdated systems and a hesitancy to “look under the hood” keep companies and public agencies from mining data to detect key risk indicators.

Join CAPI for The Integrity Forum, an initiative of Exiger, on April 20th, as we discuss how corporations, financial institutions and public organizations can use data analytics to take reasonable, cost-effective steps that allow for actionable intelligence, turning the sheer volume of data from a liability into an asset.

  • Can corporations afford not to use all data and tools at their disposal in light of the DOJ’s recent statement that it will look to be more lenient in cases where companies are actively attempting to detect corruption on their own? In fact, DOJ officials recently announced that the agency will now decline to bring some cases against companies that self-report crimes in addition to the violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices.
  • Should public agencies be mining their own data using analytics to catch problems before they blossom into full-blown scandals?
  • How can law enforcement, public entities and financial institutions leverage external data to proactively identify fraud and corruption?
  • Can data analytics produce scalable, purpose-built solutions that target the right areas of risk even while private and public organizations alike face compliance resource and cost restraints?
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Jerome Greene Hall, Room 101

Date & Time

April 20th, 9am-11am

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