About the Buffett Institute for Global Studies

The Buffett Institute addresses critical global issues through collaborative research, public dialogue, and engaged scholarship.

  • Collaborative research: Faculty members and graduate students from across the University collaborate on international, interdisciplinary scholarship. We are home to subject-specific programs and working groups, and we support research projects and publications.
  • Public dialogue: We promote dialogue on international affairs by sponsoring or co-sponsoring events including public lectures, conferences, and colloquia.
  • Engaged scholarship: Our global engagement programming — including the GESI study abroad program, support for student groups, and career assistance — supports undergraduates who want to make a difference.

About the Politics of International Law Working Group

The Politics of International Law working group opens a wide lens on international legalization and its history, politics, and practice.

The traditional question on international law is about compliance — when and why do states comply or not? Instead of asking about whether governments follow international law, we ask about how legal regimes are deployed to shape, constrain, and enable political choices and political power.

There is an emerging global community of scholars who take this approach but they are disparate and disconnected from each other. Scholars of global international history are often unknown to political scientists working; legal scholars are often unknown to historians; and so on.

This group aims to create scholarly institutions to link these scholars together. The Graduate Assistant for the group is Sidra Hamidi (sidrahamidi2017@u.northwestern.edu) and the Faculty Coordinator is Ian Hurd (ianhurd@northwestern.edu).

About the Workshop

This workshop highlights new work that explores the political consequences of international law.

Hosted by the Politics of International Law working group at Northwestern University, we invite applications from graduate students, recent PhDs, and postdoctoral fellows to present research on the theme of “Power and International Law.”

This one-day workshop encourages scholarship in history, sociology, legal studies, political science, and related fields in the pursuit of a cross-disciplinary conversation about the history, politics, and practice of international law.

Date and Venue

May 4, American Bar Foundation, Chicago


Participants are responsible for their own costs. Applicants should submit a paper title and abstract to sidrahamidi2017@u.northwestern.edu by March 15.

For more information, visit the official site by clicking here.