Submissions are invited for the Fourteenth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium organized by Loyola University Chicago School of Law and Florida State University College of Law.

About the Institute

Loyola University Chicago School of Law is a student-focused law center inspired by the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence, intellectual openness, and service to others.

About the Call for Papers

Loyola University Chicago School of Law and Florida State University College of Law are organizing the Fourteenth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium.

This event provides a forum for constitutional law scholars at all stages of their professional careers to discuss current projects, doctrinal and theoretical developments in constitutional law, and future goals. The conference brings together academics to discuss works-in-progress concerning a broad variety of constitutional issues

Themes and Sub-themes

Please submit 150 to 200 word abstracts interested in contributing to the current debates concerning constitutional theory and Supreme Court rulings. The goal of the Colloquium is to allow professors to develop new ideas with the help of supportive colleagues on a wide range of constitutional law topics.

Topics Includes but not limited to:

  • Free Speech
  • Substantive Due Process
  • Equal Protection
  • Suffrage Rights
  • Campaign Finance
  • Process Oriented Constitutionalism
  • Constitutional Theory and Interpretation
  • Issues at the Interface of National Security and Constitutional Rights
  • Due Process Underpinnings of Criminal Procedure
  • Judicial Review
  • Executive Privilege
  • Suspect Classifications
  • Commerce Clause
  • Comparative Constitutionalism

How to Submit?

Titles and abstracts of papers should be submitted electronically through the link given below no later than June 20, 2023.

Submission Deadline

June 20, 2023