Inter Gentes welcomes submissions relating to recent developments in international law and legal pluralism on a rolling basis.

About the Journal

Inter Gentes is the first international law journal to be founded at McGill University’s Faculty of Law.  

About the Call for Papers

Inter Gentes: The McGill Journal of International Law & Legal Pluralism provides a web-based forum for international legal scholars and practitioners to exchange on the evolving, increasingly complex nature of their discipline. The Journal is currently welcoming thoughtful, argument-driven full length pieces from scholars, jurists, judges, professionals, and students.


Articles should offer original, innovative, and critical outlooks on international law and legal pluralism. We also welcome case comments, book reviews and op-eds on a rolling basis.

A strong preference is given to incisive, argument-driven articles, as opposed to lengthy explanatory pieces. In line with Inter Gentes’ concept, papers that develop novel paradigms on the understanding of international law will gain particular attention with the Editorial Team. 

In addition, Inter Gentes will encourage its contributors to engage in constructive dialogue by publishing op-eds, comments, and responses on the Journal’s website.

Submission Guidelines

Inter Gentes is committed to publishing thoughtful scholarly pieces that contribute to the theoretical development of legal pluralism and international law.

Academic submissions will undergo complete editorial process, including double-blind peer review and be included in our issue.

  1. Academic articles (8000 – 15,000 words)
  2. Case comments (1500 – 4000 words)
  3. Book reviews (1500 – 4000 words)

Op-eds and Comments will undergo internal editorial process and be featured on our website.

  1. Op-eds on current international law and legal pluralism issues (500 – 700 words)
  2. Comments and responses to articles previously published in Inter Gentes (500-3000 words)

NB: All word limits exclude footnotes.

Formatting Guidelines

  • All submissions should be sent to in Microsoft Word format, with text double-spaced and footnotes single-spaced.
  • We accept pieces in English, French and Spanish.
  • We ask that submissions are free of any references identifying the author.
  • Authors must include an abstract of not more than 300 words, as well as a resume or CV, which includes a list of current publications if applicable.
  • The Journal does not accept manuscripts submitted via fax or standard mail.
  • All citations and footnotes should conform with the 9th edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. Authors must provide complete citations and ensure that pinpoints to specific pages or paragraphs are provided where required. Authors should be prepared to supply any cited sources upon request. We encourage authors to refer to open-access sources where available, to ensure accessibility to all our readers.

How to Submit?

All submissions should be sent to

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