The Review of Business: Interdisciplinary Journal on Risk and Society

This is a peer-reviewed journal. The Journal aspires to publish basic research that reflects all the ways business engages with risk and uncertainty. The Journal also aspires to publish basic research that examines how business engaging with risk and uncertainty impacts society.

The Journal was first published in 1964 as a business publication of St John’s University to encourage the practical and applicative side of inquiry on the New York economy. It has evolved into an impactful academic journal.

Call for Papers

The Review of Business: Interdisciplinary Journal on Risk and Society, invites submissions on how a publicly-traded firm can quantify the relative value of integrating sustainability-related initiatives in its core operations.

The best paper will receive an honorarium of $6,000 underwritten by Munich Re, a leading advocate of sustainable business tactics and strategies.

The Review of Business (ISSN 0034-6454) has no submission or publication fees.

Submission Process

You are required to submit a minimum of two separate files. Both files are Word files (.doc, .docx, .rtf). Before submitting these files delete all of your identifying information.

The first file is your author information. It contains:

  1. Title of the manuscript.
  2. Name of author(s) in the order in which they should appear in print (including middle initials if available).
  3. Author affiliation, the affiliation’s physical location, and author’s email address.
  4. An asterisk next to the corresponding author’s name.
  5. The corresponding author’s daytime phone (only as an alternative way for the typesetters to communicate with you if needed).
  6. The number of words in your manuscript.

The second file is your manuscript. It begins with the title and an abstract. The rest of your writing follows. The essential formatting requirements are:

  1. Number your pages at the top of the page.
  2. Line space at 1.5 times.
  3. Indicate the level of subheadings if using more than one level, by noting then in angle brackets
  4. Use Word’s footnote feature to insert footnotes at the bottom of a page.
  5. Cite figures and tables in the text in their numerical order and indicate very clearly the approximate locations you would prefer they appear in the typeset document.
  6. Place your Tables, and then your Figures, in their respective order after your references.
  7. Prepare your references following the Chicago Manual of Style’s author/date format. Cite references in your text parenthetically using the author’s last name and year. For more rules and examples, see
  8. Do not write out numbers. Rather, use numerals to indicate the actual quantity in an appropriate level of precision for your work.
  9. Spell out all abbreviations/initialisms/acronyms at their first usage.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is January 2, 2019.


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